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What do I need when using Underfloor Heating with Honeywell evohome?

Honeywell evohome is a brilliant multi zone heating system and one of its many options for heating your home is Underfloor Heating (UFH).

So just what can we do with Honeywell evohome and Underfloor Heating?

Honeywell evohome can do 12 heating zones and 1 hot water zone per evohome Controller. Potentially you can have 4x evohome Controllers paired to the same BDR91 acting as a ‘Boiler Demand Relay’ or OpenTherm Bridge.  This means you could have 48 heating zones, which is a pretty big home (especially with Underfloor Heating).

We have an entire section on The Smart Thermostat Shop linked to the UFH components Honeywell manufacture for UFH, but below is some information to help you choose the correct components.

So what type of UFH do you have? Do you have multi zone UFH or a single UFH zone? Hydronic (wet) Underfloor Heating or Electric UFH? Lets go through each type of system available.

Multi Zone Underfloor Heating (hydronic UFH)

If you have multi zone hydronic Underfloor Heating (more than one heating zone of wet UFH controlled by a manifold) then you are looking at the Honeywell HCC80R UFH Controller to control your UFH pump, motorised zone valve and thermal actuators and then a wireless room thermostat (Honeywell DTS92E or T87RF) in each UFH zone to send the temperature information back to the evohome Controller.

The beauty of evohome is that the system is completely wireless. So apart from a 3 core cable supplying power to the Honeywell HCC80R UFH Controller, all the wiring connections are done locally and then communications with the wireless thermostats, evohome Controller and Boiler Demand Relay/OpenTherm Bridge is done completely wireless.

The maximum limits of each HCC80R is 8 UFH zones (when you use the Honeywell HCS80 extension module to extend from 5 to 8 zones) and you can have a maximum of 3 thermal actuators per zone.  For large UFH zones containing more than 3 thermal actuators, you can software link 2 or more of the HCC80R’s UFH zones on the evohome Controller as one zone.

Below is an image of the installation of a multi zone hydronic UFH system I completed at my own home in 2014 using Honeywell evohome and I have labled the main components. The lounge was the biggest zone, with 4 thermal actuators using 2 zones on the HCC80R.

Honeywell evohome HCC80R Underfloor Heating Controller Installation