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Vaillant VR 92f Wireless Additional Room Thermostat

The Vaillant VR 92f is an additional wireless room thermostat for the sensoCOMFORT system. sensoCOMFORT is Vaillant’s latest control for multi-zone heating systems. It has been designed to be simple to install and use, and operates with Vaillant’s proprietary eBUS protocol. This ensures all the components of the system can easily communicate with each other to provide optimum system performance. It’s perfect for multi-zone gas-fuelled systems, and hybrid or renewable installations.

Installation of the sensoCOMFORT has been designed to be as easy as possible, with guided commissioning that detects the eBUS components of the system automatically and proposes pre-defined settings. So, the installer is no longer required to manually input information on each part of the system, simplifying commissioning and saving time. A simplified interface means that end-users will also find this control more intuitive to use. Time programs can be created in minutes by answering a few questions, and the sensoAPP (available when a sensoNET internet gateway is fitted) makes it easy to use on the go.

End-users will benefit from the energy dashboard feature, which provides valuable insights into energy consumption over a two-year period. This data will include an overview on renewable gain when a flexoTHERM heat pump and/or solar thermal unit is fitted as part of the heating system.

The sensoCOMFORT comes with an outdoor sensor, providing weather compensation that automatically adjusts the flow rate from the boiler for ultimate efficiency. Load compensation comes as standard. With the ability to cascade up to seven boilers, the sensoCOMFORT is perfect for commercial rig heating system installations. The sensoCOMFORT is also available in a wired version that can control up to five heating zones.


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