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Salus Smart TRV10RFM Wireless Radiator Controlled

The TRV10RFM is a battery-powered, mini-size thermostatic radiator valve (TRV) controller using ZigBee wireless communication. Simply replace the existing, passive head on the standard valve with the TRV10RFM.

The Salus Smart Radiator Controller is controlled through wireless ZigBee communication protocol. It can replace classic, manual thermostatic head in a very quick and easy way.

For proper operation of the TRV10RFM it is necessary to synchronize it correctly with wireless thermostat using the CO10RF coordinator or UG600 Internet Gateway (all devices are sold separately).

TRV head paired with the iT600RF series digital thermostats (e.g. VS10RF / VS20RF / HTRS-RF (30) / HTRP-RF (50) / TS600) provides comfort within the whole room, not just in the radiator area. The TRV head is a modulating device. This means that the valve can be gradually closed or opened, depending on the current room temperature measured by thermostat and the setpoint temperature. TRV head is compatible with most of the thermostatic valves available on the market, however, before installation, please check whether the valve is suitable for use with the TRV head.

Click here to view the Salus Smart Radiator Controller (TRV10RFM) Data Sheet.


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