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Honeywell Home Evohome Wi-Fi Connected Value Pack A

Honeywell Home Evohome Wi-Fi Connected Value Pack A contains:

  • 1x Honeywell Home Evohome Wi-Fi Connected Controller (ATC928G3000 Model 2023)
  • 1x White Fascia
  • 1x ATF800 Table Top Stand & Plug In Power Supply
  • 2x BDR91 Wireless Relay Box
  • 1x CS92A Wireless Tank Thermostat
  • 1x Insertion Sensor
  • 1x Strap On Sensor
  • 8x Honeywell Home Evohome HR92 Radiator Controllers
  • 16x GP High Grade Alkaline Batteries
  • 8x Danfoss RA Series Adaptors
  • 1x Honeywell Home Evohome Installation & User Guide

This is our very own ‘Honeywell Home Evohome Wi-Fi Connected Value Pack A‘ which has been designed to give you the absolute best price when buying multiple Evohome items for your connected home. This pack includes everything you need to remotely control your heating, hot water and 8 radiators from your compatible smart phone, tablet, 3rd party software applications like IFTTT or 3rd party devices like Google Home.

The HR92 Radiator Controllers are extremely sophisticated and have the ability to sense when a window is opened and how long the room takes to reach a set parameter. This allows they Evohome controller to understand exactly when to turn the heating on or off to optimise energy efficiency. The HR92 Radiator Controller is very slick looking radiator controller and will not look out of place in any home. It is very sleek looking when compared to it’s predecessor the HR80 Radiator Controller and is much more simple to install and for the user to operate with a large backlit LCD display and simple to use user guide. The backlit LCD screen displays the zone name, and local set point temperature. The local set point temperature can easily be overridden by turning the dial at the top of the radiator controller. Override temperatures can be set in half degree increments and are effective until the next scheduled temperature change, making it a very intelligent product.

Radiator valve compatibility can be checked on the following page of our website – Are My Radiator Valves Compatible with Honeywell Evohome?

The Honeywell Home Evohome Controller (ATC928G3000) is the third generation of Honeywell Home’s Evohome Controller and is WiFi enabled, meaning that it no longer requires a RFG100 Mobile Access Kit to enable App control. The Evohome Controller enables time and temperature control of each of your heating system zones up to 6 times per day, 7 days a week.

Once you bind the Evohome Hot Water Kit to the Evohome Controller, the Evohome Controller displays the actual temperature of the stored hot water on the main screen. It also allows you to see the set hot water schedule and override the hot water instantly. Just the same as the heating, you can also control your hot water from your Smart Phone or Tablet using the Total Connect Comfort App.


  • Control up to 8 radiators from your Smart-Phone or Tablet
  • HR92’s allow optimal energy efficiency
  • Control hot water from your Smart-phone or Tablet
  • Evohome controller can display exact temperature of stored water

To completely take the hassle out of everything for you, we also offer our very own pre-binding service! This ensures all items will work 100% from the second they are installed to your system! Simply add the Evohome Pre-binding to your basket and we will contact you once we have received your order to finalise details.


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