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Drayton Wiser Smart Plug | WB704H1A0902


The Wiser Smart Plug requires a Wiser HubR to communicate with a smart phone.

Box Contents:

• 1x Wiser Smart Plug
• User Guide


• The Wiser Smart Plug is rated for 230v and 13a which is more than enough to supply even the most high-tech TVs or powerful gaming PCs.
• Thanks to a new update of the Wiser Smart App you can now get real-time updades on the wattage passing through the Smart Plug! Perfect for those looking to accurately monitor your home’s energy expenditure and save costs by maximising the use of energy efficient products and reducing stand-by energy wastage.
• They also have the added benefit of a built-in signal range extender, automatically boosting the signal of all nearby Drayton Wiser devices.

Our Verdict:

Whether you want to add schedules, activate devices remotely, or just check the status of an appliance, the Wiser Plug is the easy way to stay in complete control. With a variety of innovative uses, our smart plug offers convenience and peace of mind for the whole family. Enhance security by scheduling your lamps to come on when you are away. Set up to 8 events per day via the Wiser Heat App. You can also ensure your little ones have a sound night’s sleep by controlling the night light from the app, with no need to tiptoe past them! Ever had that sinking feeling when you can’t remember if you’ve turned off the hair straighteners or the slow cooker? Enjoy peace of mind when using smart plugs with these devices. Check the status of your electrical appliances via the Wiser Heat app and switch on or off as needed.


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