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Honeywell evohome Firmware Update 2016

Dear Reader,

We have recently been informed that the Honeywell evohome WiFi Controller (ATC928G3000) has had a firmware update!  evohome WiFi Controllers are now being produced and sold with the new firmware version.  We have tested a couple of new evohome Controllers in our last batch (date coded 1547) they certainly contained the new firmware version!  We are now selling updated firmware evohome Controllers produced after 1547.

evohome WiFi Controllers produced between 1544 to 1546 may contain the new firmware, but we know the firmware was not installed in devices older than 1543 as we have tested a couple of evohome Controllers we found here and confirm these did not have the new firmware installed.

To find out your current devices ‘Application Software Version’ and ‘WiFi Software Version’ to see if you have new firmware installed, press the ‘SETTINGS’ button once to enter the user settings menu, then press and hold the ‘DEVICE SETTINGS’ button for approximately 10-15 seconds.

Older evohome Controllers currently not updated will show:

Application Software Version:

WiFi Software Version:

Updated evohome Controllers will show:

Application Software Version:

WiFi Software Version:

The new firmware upgrade will be rolled out by Honeywell to all users very shortly via your broadband router over WiFi!  You need to do nothing and will not notice any loss of performance while this is going on.

After testing a couple of new firmware evohome WiFi Controllers, we know that part of the firmware upgrade now means the ‘local overide’ on HR92 Radiator Controllers now displays on the evohome Controller and the Total Connect Comfort App (yippiee at last!) and the device ‘fault log’ is now no longer cleared when the batteries are removed from the evohome Controller – this is now done with a reset button in the fault log menu.  We have been told there have been minor bug fixes and security updates, but nothing most users would notice.

We look forward to bringing you more news about the evohome system as Honeywell release it to us!

Kind regards,

Richard Burrows

Technical Director