Wiser Smart Radiator Thermostat

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Wiser By Drayton | Wiser Smart Radiator Thermostat | WV704R0A0902

Personalise your home heating by adding Wiser Smart Radiator Thermostats to your Wiser system. These provide effortless control to set different schedules and temperatures in different rooms. Room-to-room heating control could save 18% energy usage and Wiser's Smart Radiator Thermostats provide ultimate comfort and convenience.

Wiser By Drayton | Wiser Smart Radiator Thermostat | WV704R0A0902

Box Contents:

  • 1x Wiser Smart Radiator Thermostat
  • 1x M30x1.5mm Ring Nut
  • 1x Ring Nut Adaptor
  • 1x Danfoss RA Series Valve Adapter
  • 2x AA Batteries

Our Verdict:

Inspired by the iconic Drayton TRV4, the Wiser Smart Radiator Thermostat maintains a simplistic style whilst building on years of leading TRV manufacturer success. A host of additional features are included, like seamless room-to-room heating control.

Use in combination with a Wiser Smart Room Thermostat and the Wiser App, available for Apple and Android devices, and its host of clever features help maximise energy efficiency and reduce household energy costs.

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Wiser Multi-Zone Kit 1

Wiser By Drayton | Wiser Multi-Zone Kit 1 | WV714R9K0902

Drayton's Wiser Multi-Zone Kit 1 allows you to control your heating locally or remotely via the Wiser Heat App. The Wiser Multi-Zone Kit 1 includes a Wiser Smart Room Thermostat, a Wiser Single Channel Heat HubR, and 2x Wiser Smart Radiator Thermostats for room-by-room temperature control.

You can add up to 32 Wiser smart devices to a Heat HubR (10x Wiser Smart Plugs max. per system) to control a total of 16 different zones (a zone is normally a single room and can contain 4x Wiser Smart Radiator Thermostats and 1x Wiser Smart Room Thermostat max. per zone).

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