Wiser Thermostat Kit 3 (Triple Channel)

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Wiser By Drayton | Wiser Thermostat Kit 3 | WT734R9K0902

Wiser Thermostat Kit 3 is suitable for heating systems with 2 heating zones and a separate hot water cylinder (if applicable). The Wiser Thermostat Kit 3 allows you smart control of your system via the Wiser Heat App. Wiser Smart Radiator Thermostats can be added later for room-by-room control.

Wiser By Drayton | Wiser Thermostat Kit 3 | WT734R9K0902

Box Contents:

  • 2x Wiser Smart Room Thermostat
  • 2x Thermostat Wall Bracket
  • 2x Thermostat Stand
  • 4x AA Batteries
  • 1x 3 Channel Heat HubR
  • 1x OpenTherm Module
  • 1x Wall Plate
  • Quick Start & Installation Guide
4 Question(s) answered

  • Question: I have combi boiler (hot water on demand; no hot water tank) with 2 heating zones - upstairs and downstairs. Just wondering if I can only consider Kit 3 or Kit 2 could be suitable? Answer:
    The Kit 3 would be required, wiring to channel 1 and 3.
  • Question: Do I need to use the radiator thermostats or does it function on regular trv's? Answer:
    The 3 channel Wiser provides 2 x heating outputs and 1 x hot water outputs. Conventional TRVs can be used and the radiator thermostats are not mandatory.
  • Question: Can the "Heat Hub 3 Channel" be configured for a 3-zone heating system, rather than 2-zone plus HW as shown in the wiring diagram? Answer:
    No I'm afraid channel 2 can only be used as a Hot Water Channel.
  • Question: Can this turn off hot water on a Combi? Answer:
    No, the Wiser will not control the hot water on a Combi boiler.
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OpenTherm Compliant
OT Low load control
amazon alexa
google assistant
Home assistant
optimum start & stop
battery powered
main powered
 ✔*When paired with IFTTT
child lock
single zone
smart TRV compatible
MZ underfloor heating
SoonFeature is coming soon
Hot Water Control
 ✔*When used with a Wiser Hub 2 or Wiser Hub 3
Weather Compensation

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Wiser By Drayton | Wiser Smart Radiator Thermostat Multipack | WV704R0K0902

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